"I came to Dr. Dower because of migraine headaches I was having. My husband had been a patient of Dr. Dower's for years. Before I came here, I tried lots of pain killers. Since seeing Dr. Dower my headaches are virtually non-existent. I also stopped grinding my teeth at night; and my urinary tract infections have subsided. Everyone has noticed the changes I've made. I strongly recommend Dr. Dower to others because he is a miracle worker! He's easy to talk to and makes you feel comfortable. I wish I had known about him years ago."

- J. Stanek

"GREAT staff & doctors! Rachel Cote licensed massage therapist. Dr. Pat's magic on my back."

- M. Zito 

"I came to Dr. Dower with neck and shoulder pain, back pain and headaches. I read about Dr. Dower online--his reviews are GREAT! I had tried other chiropractors, medicine and physical therapy…but since coming here I have no more headaches, no more pain and a looser feeling in my neck and shoulders. My fiancée and family have noticed the good changes I’ve made. I tell others about Dr. Dower because he is friendly and sincere, genuinely concerned and wants to help. I can tell him about personal health issues without embarrassment and he knows how to help. He took x-rays to determine what was wrong before starting treatment, so that he knew the best ways to fix the problem."

- S. Chiott

"Absolutely wonderful massage by Kelly! Felt like a rhythmic dance. I felt refreshed and as if my body had been removed of all toxins. Very sweet and professional. She thanked me for the opportunity to serve me. I loved her message about taking what she had done for me and passing on the kind acts and service to others. Go whenever you have a chance! So worth it!"

- M. Cambern

"I had migraines for 3 months, they were unbearable. It was hard to get my head off the pillow, I was in bed for 3 days. Before coming here, I took Excedrin for migraines; I took Imitrex from my primary doctor who referred me to a neurologist. I had blood work and a 'stat' MRI, which showed I had 'nothing wrong.' The neurologist put me on a different drug and a water pill. I heard about Dr. Dower from a co-worker at Wal-Mart who knew I was suffering with pain. Since coming here, it's a MIRACLE! I began treatment on Wednesday... and on Thursday I woke up without a headache for the first time in months! My co-worker John, who referred me here, noticed I'm smiling now. I'm recommending Dr. Dower to others because he's a MIRACLE WORKER! He showed me that he cared; he explained my x-ray and he knew why I was in pain."

- N. Lugo

"The absolute best Massage therapy I have ever had. I'm willing to try acupuncture as well."

- C. Galvan

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